About KMI Foundation, Inc.

About KMI Foundation, Inc.

KMI, is an organization dedicated to empowering underserved communities through education, innovation, and sustainable development.

Our mission is to create positive social impact by providing access to quality education, fostering a entrepreneurial spirit, and promoting sustainable practices for a better future.

K McKinnon International Foundation, Inc. has created programs and services for underserved children with financial literacy, life skills, and social development.

KMI programs have strong collaborative efforts with the community for volunteers, tutors, coaches, and mentors. To ensure organization objective’s are met..

You Are The Answer Not The Question

All proceeds and donations will go towards our initiatives and programs that focus on fostering the youth, empowering women, financial literacy, and securing food for underserved communities.

Shaping & Shifting Our Youth

KMI Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to helping with youth development, financial literacy, women’s empowerment, and to further educate people with life skills, social development, and aiding underserved communities.

Founder Kenyatta McKinnon

About Our Founder

Kenyatta McKinnon is a visionary who founded of KMI International Foundation, Inc.

She has distinguished herself as a consultant, author, public speaker, trainer, mentor, and instructor. She is determined to help underserved youth, people, and women globally.

Founder Kenyatta McKinnon is an entrepreneur who gives back to her community and organizations to help mankind. For years, she has facilitated structured programs to aide in her vision.

Kenyatta builds programs on the foundation of a host of community resources, relationships, partnerships with local business owners, and other nonprofit organizations.


Mission Crusade accra, ghana

KMI Foundation, Inc. did a mission crusade trip to Accra, Ghana to give food to families that were less fortune and poverty stricken. Through that initiative the foundation was able to partner up with other non profit organizations with the agenda of going back yearly in December to support Ghanaian citizens.